Route Setting Workshops are designed to not only teach a climber/route setter how to set routes indoors on plastic but also to prepare climbers for outdoor climbing.


A route Setter needs to have a great understanding on the ‘flow’ of a route as well as how to design a route in a way in which it forces a climber to do new and interesting moves to push them as a climber.


Anyone can set an indoor climbing route, however a good route takes lot of time, patience, testing and above all, creativity.


Our Route Setter:

Ricky Traviss has been climbing and setting routes since 2011. He was a route setter for CityROCK for 3 years and has been a WCC Competition Route Setter since 2013. He is above all else a boulderer and this sparked his creativity and need to set good indoor routes to prepare both children and adults for indoor competitions as well as outdoor climbing.


How a Route Setting Course Works:

There are two types of courses, a boulder setting course and a lead setting course.


·           Boulder Problem Setting Course @ R500 per person for a minimum of 2 people / R1000 per person for one person for one  Workshop

·           Lead Route Setting Course @ R600 per person for a minimum of 2 people / R1200 per person for one person for one Workshop



The Course Syllabus is laid out as below:


Bouldering Problems:

* Workshop 1: 5b – 6b

* Workshop 2: 6b+ - 7a

* Workshop 3: 7a+ - 7C


Lead Routes:

* Workshop 1: Grades 15 – 19

* Workshop 2: Grades 20 – 24

* Workshop 3: Grades 25 – 27


To gain access to the next Workshop one will need to complete the previous Workshop.



The Route Setting Course will work on a points system as follows:


-      3 points are awarded for a suitable route while 1 point is taken away for a route that is not up to standard. A minimum total of 20 points are needed to complete the workshop and move on to the next one.


-      A climber will also need to be able to climb the grades that they are wanting to set. E.g. If a climber can only climb 18, they will not be able to take part in the second workshop.



When and where:

Route setting workshops will be held at a gym of the client’s choice on a day of their choosing as long as the Route Setting Instructor is able to make the time and day.


A journal will be handed out at the end of the session where the client will tally all of the routes that they will set. The Route Setting Instructor will visit the gym once a week to test their routes and give points accordingly.



Kindly note the following:

* Workshops are dependent on the minimum amount of people booking and paying for the course

* Workshops may be advertised from time to time

* Payment for each workshop is due on receipt of the invoice and 48 hours prior to the workshop commencing.

* Should a person not show up for a workshop, there will be no refund but the person will remain in credit until they have taken the workshop at a later date.