Africa Continental 2020 Selection Competition

Please see below link to enter the SANCF 2020 January Selection competition.

Kindly note that all Youth C to Opens are invited to participate, but see below SANCF comments regarding selection.

We are opening entries for the event even though the 2020 Registrations are still being done.  You can enter, but it is important to remember to do your province 2020 Registration and pay you fees to your club before the 15th January 2020.  Without these fees being paid, you will not be allowed to participate on the day.

Fees for the 2020 Selection Competition are as follows:

  • R150 if 1 discipline is entered.
  • R300 if 2 disciplines are entered.
  • R400 if all 3 disciplines are entered.

Payment by EFT to Gauteng Climbing, kindly use athlete name & Jan Selection as reference.

Bank Details:

Account holder – Gauteng Climbing

Bank – First National Bank

Branch – Randburg

Branch code – 254005

Account number – 6273 7732 752

Reference – Name Surname  JANSELEC

Proof of payment to be emailed to

Deadline to enter is Wednesday, 15th January 2020. Any late entries received between 16th and 21st January 2020 will be subject to a R200 penalty.

**NB: Please note that no late entries and/or payments will be accepted after 21st January 2020.

This competition is the final selection competition for climbers 16 and over in 2020 to be able to compete in the African Continental Competition to be held at City Rock Cape Town on 19-22 March 2020.

The African Continental championship will select 1 Male and 1 female athlete from Africa to compete in the 2020 Olympic Games in August in Japan!  

5 Male and 5  female athletes from South Africa have already been selected at the 2019 Open Selection Competition. These climbers will not have to compete in the above competition.

Please note that to be selected for the African Continental you will have to compete in ALL 3 disciplines (OLYMPIC COMBINED FORMAT).

Please also note the paragraph below, from the SANCF President .

“Thank you to yourselves and Mpumalanga climbing for agreeing to host the Selection competition to be held on 25 and 26 January.

This competition will primarily be used to select potential open athletes to participate in the African Continental Championship in March 2020, to the extent that the places are not filled by other countries.

It will also be used to select athletes to participate in the IFSC world cup events in 2020.

The age groups that will be competing will be Youth C to opens. This competition will also be used as input into the selection of Youth A and B athletes for the Youth World Championship in 2020 but we would like to see as many of our Youth C athletes as possible entering for experience as well.”

Please NOTE the following:

  1. Selection for African Continental Championships
  2. Selection for IFSC World Cup Events (OPEN – U16 and up)
  3. Input into Youth A and B for Youth World Championships.

Please NOTE the registration deadlines!! 15th January 2020.

Please also find attached the JOIN Western Cape Climbing Registration form link

We look forward to a successful WCC competition year in 2020.