Top Out Climbing Club was started by climbing coaches and partners, Delaney Carpenter and Ricky Traviss, because both love climbing and love sharing their knowledge and experience with others.

With the growing need and want for correct coaching practices in the sport of climbing, as well as under the leadership of the South African National Climbing Federation (SANCF), Top out Climbing Club is a Western Cape Climbing Member who aims to continue to grow the sport of climbing in this country by teaching the correct practices for coaching and instruction.  We further aim to assist in the development of the sport by running a Route Setting Course that can enable the standard of setting in our country to improve and prove more challenging for those wishing to learn how to climb properly and for performance.

Top Out is also dedicated to bringing the sport of climbing to all people from all walks of life, and as such, has our own Underprivileged and Special Needs climbers who we coach. We also have affiliations to the Mountain Club of South Africa Cape Town Youth and Outreach Sections, as well as to the Rock Climbing Sub-Committee, assisting them with Beginner Sport Climbing Meets. We are further affiliated to the Rock Chicks Climbing Community and their I Climb I Care initiatives.

Whether you are looking to learn how to climb well, train correctly for climbing, push your own limits, compete (locally, provincially, nationally and internationally), or join a community, Top Out aims to be able to offer you all that you require for your own personal climbing needs.